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Ham – Skinned & Scored - 63b Christmas


Ham – Skinned & Scored


Want to claim our famous ham recipe as your own? Look like a kitchen connoisseur this Christmas with our skinned & scored ham option — it’s so easy (and more affordable too).

Why are skinned and scored hams the way to go?

  • You’ll receive the same quality, delicious ham as our glazed option, BUT you get to pass it off as your own. We’ll provide the exact same glaze and cooking instructions.
  • More flexibility with your pick up time & date, as we are not limited by time slots. You can pick a time and date that works best for you and be super organised this Christmas.
  • The freshest of fresh ham. As you are cooking this yourself, you don’t need to worry about reheating it, as you would for the glazed option. Cook it and bring it straight to the table. Bingo!
  • Look like a legend AND save some $$.

Skinned & Scored Ham Options:

Hellers Midi Free farmed Champagne ham ($135)
6kg free farmed ham, bone out. Feeds approximately 15-20 people.

This small ham is succulent and flavoursome with no bones so you will receive maximum meat. Winning!

Hellers Free Farmed Champagne ham ($200)
9-10kg free farmed ham, bone out. Feeds approximately 40 people.

Free farmed = happy pigs. All were raised in eco barns and outdoors in Patoa Farms. We believe you can taste that these were seriously happy pigs as these hams have serious flavour and are ultra juicy.

Ryans Champagne ham ($170)
9-10kg ham, bone out, champagne. Feeds approximately 40 people.

This ham is also a Hellers product but is imported pork from North America USA, for those who want a delicious ham to feed the masses but more bang for your buck.

All pick ups are from the Lake Wanaka Centre (89 Ardmore St, Wanaka).

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